More medals,
let more people experience the sailing sport,
and more business

The Sailing Innovation Centre helps to accelerate innovations in sailing. In this way the centre supports the sporting ambitions of the Netherlands in sailing, promotes interest in sailing and contributes to economic growth by supporting companies in realizing new and better products and services. In short: more medals, more people to experience the sailing sport, and more business.


The Sailing Innovation Centre is an initiative of NOC * NSF, Royal Netherlands Watersport Association, Delft University of Technology, VU University Amsterdam and the municipality of The Hague.

In addition, the Sailing Innovation Centre is part of Sportinnovator, the Dutch national network for sports innovation.






Scheveningen Harbour

The Sailing Innovation Centre is located in the National Sailing Center (NTC Sailing) at the Scheveningen Harbour, the basis for the national sailing team and talent teams. The location offers excellent facilities for training at the highest level and has an extensive infrastructure for measuring and testing the performance of both sailing boats and sailors. Companies can also contact the Sailing Innovation Centre for measuring and testing innovations.

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