Sailing Innovation Centre initiates and stimulates intensive cooperation between sports, science, business and government. The centre functions as the counter where sailing teams, clubs, sailing competition organizations, companies, municipalities and other public, private or civil society organizations can ask questions about innovations in sailing.


Road to Tokyo

At previous Olympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro, the Sailing Innovation Centre carried out location analyses for the Dutch top sailors and measurements in the field of wind and current.

The Sailing Innovation Centre also supports the national sailing team in the run-up to Tokyo (2020). In consultation with the parties involved and in collaboration with companies and knowledge institutes, new roads are being looked for, particularly in the field of measuring and predicting wind and current, measuring, analysing and improving physical fitness of the sailors and video analysis for monitoring and feedback.


Research and development

In addition, the Sailing Innovation Centre has a longer-running research program with the knowledge partners VU Amsterdam and TU Delft. Students and PhD students provide up-to-date knowledge and fresh, new ideas.

The themes include the training load and the heat management of the sailors (active cooling). We are also constantly working on improving and expanding the Sail Coach Cockpit, bringing together and clearly presenting measurement data and video analyses of the sailing boat, the sailors and the environmental factors. Both real time in the coach boat and ashore for the evaluation and debriefing.


Sailing Regatta of the Future

Under the name Sailing Regatta of the Future, the Sailing Innovation Centre is working on a program to make sailing competitions more interesting and more accessible for a wider audience. Outside the port of Scheveningen, an infrastructure is being set up on the sea to develop and develop technological solutions together with companies to make information about sailors, boats and competitions available for organizers and media partners, to enrich the experience of the match coverage.

Also in the near future interactive gaming applications will make sailing competitions more interesting and interactive, especially for the younger audience. Together with the Sailing Innovation Centre, TU Delft has developed a simulator for sailing in a Laser, currently the most advanced of its kind. This simulator will be further developed as a mobile version for demonstrations and entertainment.


Hub for connecting

The Sailing Innovation Centre brings together the right partners to find solutions for innovation questions or to work out and shape new ideas. A hub for connecting.

To this end, the centre has access to an extensive network of knowledge, experience and contacts and also has the expertise to advise and assist with the development and marketing of innovations. The Sailing Innovation Centre is therefore perfectly equipped to help companies with a concept or idea for application in sailing to set up an innovation project and, if required, provide project management.


Top location for training

The Sailing Innovation Centre offers an infrastructure for measuring, analysing and insightful presentation of measurement data of the sailing boat (position, slope, speed, course), video images of the sailors and data about the environmental factors (waves, wind, current). The Sailing Innovation Centre offers a unique high performance training centre for both the Dutch nationat team and talent teams as well as other national and international top sailors.

The information is available ashore and (partially) real-time for the coach on the water. The training hours on the water and evaluations afterwards on the shore are therefore much more efficient. The Sailing Innovation Centre is constantly working on the improvement and expansion of this system, called the Sail Coach Cockpit. The infrastructure of the measuring and testing environment at sea is also constantly being expanded.


Measuring and testing for companies

The Sailing Innovation Centre offers companies such as boat builders and their suppliers the opportunity to test their innovations at sea, in practice. They can use the infrastructure built up for the training of the top sailors. Start-ups, SMEs and large companies can also try out and demonstrate new data driven innovations for water sports (recreational and recreational sports) in a practical environment (eg tracking systems for the safety of kite surfers and swimmers).

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