More medals,
let more people experience the sailing sport,
and more business

The Sailing Innovation Centre helps to accelerate innovations in sailing. In this way the centre supports the sporting ambitions of the Netherlands in sailing, promotes interest in sailing and contributes to economic growth by supporting companies in realizing new and better products and services. In short: more medals, more people to experience the sailing sport, and more business.

What does the Sailing Innovation Centre do?

Counter function

Sailing Innovation Centre initiates and stimulates intensive cooperation between sports, science, business and government. The centre functions as the counter where sailing teams, clubs, sailing competition organizations, companies, municipalities and other public, private or civil society organizations can ask questions about innovations in sailing.

More medals

Road to Tokyo
At previous Olympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro, the Sailing Innovation Centre carried out location analyses for the Dutch top sailors and measurements in the field of wind and current.

Research and development
The Sailing Innovation Centre has a longer-running research program with the knowledge partners VU Amsterdam and TU Delft.

More experience

Sailing Regatta of the Future
Under the name Sailing Regatta of the Future, the Sailing Innovation Centre is working on a program to make sailing competitions more interesting and more accessible for a wider audience.


More business

Hub for connecting
The Sailing Innovation Centre brings together the right partners to find solutions for innovation questions or to work out and shape new ideas. A hub for connecting.



Top location for training
The Sailing Innovation Centre offers an infrastructure for measuring, analysing and insightful presentation of the sailing boat data (position, slope, speed, course), video images of the sailors and data about the environmental factors (waves, wind, current).

Measuring and testing for companies
The Sailing Innovation Centre offers companies such as boat builders and their suppliers the opportunity to test their innovations at sea, in practice.

Current around Scheveningen

In collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat, the Sailing Innovation Centre offers an interactive map of the seawater flow around the port of Scheveningen. Both direction and speed of the current can be read, plus the expectation for the coming period. A slider at the bottom of the card can be pushed through time. The times of high tide are also indicated.

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